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btd 2: screen shot

NinjaKiwi released the second of its Bloons tower defense series, called Bloons Tower Defense 2, in October 2007. This game promises a lot more improvements to the first game of the series to make it as engrossing as the original Bloons games and realize the potential of this concept. Here are some of the key aspects of the new edition of this game...Read more


btd 3: screen shot

Almost an entire year after the reasonably successful Bloons Tower Defense 2, NinjaKiwi released Bloons Tower Defense 3 in September 2008. While Bloons TD 2 mostly appeared to be a patch to fix the issues in the initial Bloons TD game, Bloons TD 3 delivers not just fixes for the issues in version 2, but a whole host of new features that make the game almost unrecognizable compared to its previous avatar.


btd 4: screen shot

NinjaKiwi followed up on its immensely successful Bloons Tower Defense 3 with Bloons Tower Defense 4 in October 2009. The new btd balloon game promised more new towers, more new upgrades, and more enjoyment in general to keep fans of popping balloons on a high. Here are some of the key features of this new version.

BTD 4: Expansion

btd 4: expansion

In August 2010, NinjaKiwi unveiled an expansion pack for its hugely popular Bloons Tower Defense 4 game, predictably called the Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion. The game promises new tracks, new modes and new tower strategies to improve an already great game. Find some of the key features of the game here.